Suds 'N' Scissors 

Core values are  integrity and an emphasis on individual care and attention.
Owned and operated by Wendy Varga with 25 years of experience in training and grooming.
Suds 'N' Scissors Pet Salon is a small family run, no frills, home based business.

Family Business

About Wendy Varga

Individual Care 


Full Service Pet Grooming


Suds 'N' Scissors Pet Salon is one of the oldest most established full service pet grooming businesses in Victoria B.C.

We are a home based no frills facility located in beautiful Fairfield area in Victoria B.C. We have highly experienced pet care professionals to look after all of your pet’s needs. We provide your trusted companion with the best in dog and cat grooming knowledge, comfort, care and compassion.

Here at Suds 'N' Scissors Pet Salon, we know your pet is a cherished member of your family.